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202-333-3120 | Serving Cathedral Commons and Cleveland Park area

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Come, join us on a journey through India’s cuisine with our new and contemporary menu that has been honed to perfection by years of experience in food and expertise. It's not just dining. It's an experience.
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About Us

Sanjeev and Mitul Tuli are the promoters and owners of the Heritage India restaurant in Washington DC originally at Glover Park (2400 Wisconsin Ave). Which has been re-located to 3238 Wisconsin Ave earlier this year.

Sanjeev brings remarkable qualities to his establishments. His meticulous attention to detail, and his penchant for the 'fine-dining' experience attracts a varied clientele.

Complementing his expertise in the restaurant business is Sanjeev's wife Mitul, who has a solid track record in general management and restaurant operations. Together, Sanjeev and Mitul have established an enviable track record in the hospitality sector in foreign countries by a team of highly qualified chefs and managers. Sanjeev has been able to carve out a niche for himself in this highly competitive arena.

Chef Mohan Singh

Indian food
Born in Northern India, Chef Mohan Singh, a self-taught Chef with more than 25 years of experience, came to work for the Heritage India Group in Germany. Having travelled and worked in Prague, and now, in the USA, Singh is now the Executive Chef of the group. Singh remains committed to continuously improving the standards of the restaurant and working with his team to create new dishes for his customers daily.
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Indian food

A Rich Diversity of Flavors

Indian food offers a rich diversity of flavors from across the length and breadth of this great subcontinent - classics from the palaces of royalty to the comfort food of the "dhabas."

Ranging from an assortment of meats and fishes to a mind-boggling assortment of fresh vegetables, pulses, lentils cooked in different ways by India’s indigenous people – steamed, boiled, blanched and broiled, roasted, grilled, fried, and lightly seasoned and tempered with some of the finest spices and herbs in the world.
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A Tasty Array of Delicious Food!

Start with delicious bite-sized portions of tasty and tangy samosas, tikkis, dahi bhallas, and chaats. Choose from an array of melt-in-your-mouth morsels of meat, fish, and cottage cheese - tikkas and kababs from our tandoor, koftas from the spicy, simmering curries from our gorgeous coasts.

Opt for different, delicately seasoned vegetables, sabzis, and tarkaris, tempered and slow-cooked dals, to go with fragrant pulaos and biryanis flavored with choice vegetables and meats, freshly baked naans, and flaky paranthas!

Food That Satisfies The Soul!

We have a range of condiments, hot pickles, and sweet chutneys to relish along with your meal.

Top it all off with our sinful delicious Indian sweets–
Cool Kulfis (the original Indian ice cream treat) or Shahi Tukra (the Royal Bread Pudding), hot gulab jamuns, 
Wash it all down with our flavored lassis, masala chais, aromatic teas, and freshly brewed coffees.
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